Aquatic Incident Management 

The Aquatic Incident Management System (AIMS) class focuses on a comprehensive system for managing aquatic incidents. It provides a methodical approach to help responders of all levels of experience and training manage incidents involving water focusing on search and recovery of drowning victims. 

The AIMS program promotes the use of SARTopo for mapping which is a force multiplier drastically increasing their probability of detection in the underwater environment while reducing the time spent on the water. 

AIMS is based on the Incident Command System (ICS), which is a national standard for managing emergencies. ICS provides a common language and framework for responders to communicate and coordinate their efforts on a size event. 

AIMS includes a variety of resources, such as training materials, software, boat operations and remotely operated vehicles. It also provides support to responders through a network of regional and national experts.

AIMS is a valuable resource for anyone who works or volunteers in or around water. It can help responders manage aquatic incidents more effectively and efficiently, and most importantly help bring closure for families.